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Y13 help
These are a few downloads that may be useful to Y13, as I have used them in lessons and you may have missed them.  Read the note, though!
Unit 4 - Acids & alkalis, equilibrium, reaction rates, pH calculations - basically, all of unit 4’s physical chemistry, as a powerpoint.  Revised June 2015  Click Here.

Unit 4 definitions and formulas (MS Word format)

Unit 5 powerpoint containing some new enthalpy changes, Born-Haber cycles, entropy, “Gibbs” free energy change, period 3 reactions, redox again,  electrochemical cells. Click here Revised June 2015

NOTE: those two units have changed, for 2017 examinations, you have your syllabus, you check that there’s nothing extra or missing. This stuff is here to HELP, not tell you all the answers.

Practice on decoding NMR, IR and MS.  They’re not much and the file name sometimes gives the answer, because they’re for me to hand out for practice, but you might get some benefit from them:

Identify this butan2one.doc

Identify this cyclopentene.doc

Identify this diethyl ether.doc

identify this toluene.doc

Spectroscopy practice 5.doc

Spectroscopy practice powerpoint


Past papers at pastpapers.org

Past papers at AQA but you have to choose Chemistry….A-level….. Chemistry (2420)

Note, these might be a little messy from time to time and I’ve retired, now, so they aren’t going to improve.