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AQA Module 1 - structure, bonding, simple organic chemistry and reacting quantities

Bear in mind that this is the old module 1, for the A level specification from 2007 onwards.  It has one or two SIGNIFICANT differences from the 2015 onwards syllabus and you should realise that this page is a HELP, NOT THE ANSWERS.

A list of the ideas from Year 10 and 11 that will help you to settle in on this course.   If you don’t know them, you will struggle, and we don’t have the time to teach you what you should know already.

Some notes on quantitative chemistry calculations
These will be useful if you didn’t remember much from year 10 and 11

Atoms download
This presentation takes you through all of the concepts around atoms, how we think of them and some of the simple calculations.

Formulas download
This presentation will help you to understand how to work out formulas for compounds.

A list of topics found in the old module 1 exam

Worked examples of working with moles

Enthalpy presentation for Unit 2

Redox presentation for Unit 2

Halogens Unit 2.ppt

Powerpoint for Bonds and reaction energies

Also see the random moles practice and the random calorimetry practice on the “downloads” and “more downloads” pages.
And some past papers at pastpapers.org
A link to a page I found with some podcasts on it: Edexcel Nuffield - not our board, but if the facts fit and they are good enough to make it public....