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Chemistry Quiz

Click here

Sets you a chemistry quiz.

Chemistry Helper

His website

or Google Play

Can seem a bit slow, maybe it's fetching stuff from the internet.  Periodic table can link to Wikipedia.

Ad-free version for 61p.

Periodic table

Google Play

I'm still testing this one.  It was little help to me, but I know the periodic table very well.

Periodic table

Google Play

A different developer, but there's only so many names you can give to the periodic table.  Also still being tested.

Perfect Chemistry Lite

Appbrain site


Google Play

Games and reference.  This page also has links to lots of other chemistry apps, so that's nice and saves me some work.

Full version is 64p.

Chemistry Lessons Free


Mixed reviews for this one, it's a set of links to some good YouTube chemistry lectures.  If you pay for your data, and can't use wifi, you should steer clear of this.

Chemistry Mobile Free


Reviews say this is good.  If you rely on this to balance equations for you, at least make sure you learn from looking at the way this app does it.

OCR revision questions for units C1 to C6


The questions aren’t that bad, but there’s only about 12 for each topic.  On the other hand, that’s about 150 questions, so there’s a lot of work gone into it.  6 times over!

ChemTeach Help

My own chemistry app, ChemTeachHelp can be used to "drill" some of the calculations for A level chemistry.

This has no adverts, but you have to pay for it.

Where possible, I put links to the Google Play website.  They check out apps and generally you can assume they are as safe to run as they possibly can be, though always beware and particularly check what permissions an app wants before you use it.  Also you need a Google account to download these apps from Google Play.

If you don’t have an account, or don’t want one, then you will have to search the internet yourself.  Most of these apps can be downloaded from the developer.

I use AVG free antivirus on my phone, it never finds anything to worry about, but it did warn me about a game that would have kept loading lots of adverts, without my permission, which could have wasted lots of my time and eventually cost me money on my phone contract.