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Useful links
These are science websites, I make no promises about anything on them, but they looked useful when I last looked at them.  There is a chance that they don’t work, as some will have become out-of-date by now.
Doc. Brown’s website
Another useful science
Creative Chemistry
A very useful and potentially entertaining chemistry web site
BBC Bitesize for KS4
Bitesize revision for GCSE
BBC Bitesize for KS3
Bitesize revision for Y7 & 8
AQA examining board qualifications index
A list of awards examined by AQA, assuming it still links there.
Edexcel examining board qualifications index  A list of awards examined by Edexcel
How stuff works
A useful website for finding out how things work, even scientific equipment.  If you use this site for your research homework, you should, at least, convert it to your own words rather than just printing it out and claiming you’ve written it all yourself.  See plagiarism
A useful FREE website for revision.  Some useful advice, trying to stay free for you.  Sometimes publicises job opportunities, too
OCR examining board qualifications index  A list of awards examined by OCR
S-cool  A useful FREE A level website for revision.
Bad Science
A useful web site if you want to see how easy it is for newspapers to fool most people by misrepresenting scientific research and its conclusions.
Sense about science
Highlights many current issues where good or bad science has an effect.  
E.g. Madonna is linked to a bloke who thinks he has “neutralised” all of the radioactive material in a lake near Chernobyl in the Ukraine.  This cannot be true, neutralising radiation does not exist and you just have to leave radioactive materials alone until the radiation decays naturally.