Mr. Barnett’s Site
This is Mr. Barnett’s website.

The main focus of this site is chemistry at GCSE and AS, because that’s what I teach.  

I do teach KS3 as well, but recent changes to the National Curriculum make it difficult to keep up.
Home Page

The site will always be incomplete because I have plenty of other things to do, so pop back from time to time and see what changes.
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I borrowed some graphics from this website, 
You could patronise them, too.
Recent additions/changes:

Added physics GCSE revision notes and powerpoints - May 2010

Calculating bond energies PowerPoint has been added for AS

The AS and A2 level PowerPoints have pretty well all changed.

NEW! 2009 GCSE Unit C4 and C6 revision - click GCSE Revision.

New! 2010 -  A page of helpers for teachers.

2011 - Science pages amalgamated because the National Curriculum changed again.
If this page asks to run an activeX control, don’t worry, it’s just the animated clipart website or a piece of clipart.  It doesn’t do anything to your computer if you allow it and the pages will work fine even if you block it.

I used Zpaint to make some graphic buttons and bullet marks for the presentations.

Very quick explanation of Lewis structures - click here
Very quick explanation of Lewis structures - click here