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The main focus of this site is chemistry at GCSE and A level, with a little physics.  

I have now retired from school teaching, but if you want some tuition or have other comments, send me an e-mail.

The site will always be incomplete because I have plenty of other things to do, so pop back from time to time and see what changes.
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2Cool Animations -  free animations for your web site!!!
I borrowed some graphics from this website, 
You could patronise them, too.
Recent additions/changes:

Added physics GCSE revision notes and powerpoints - May 2010

Calculating bond energies PowerPoint has been added for AS

New! 2010 -  A page of helpers for teachers.

2011 - KS3 Science pages amalgamated because the National Curriculum changed again.

2014 - A computing Padlet wall, now I teach Computing GCSE as well as chemistry.
If this page asks to run an activeX control, don’t worry, it’s just the animated clipart website or a piece of clipart.  It doesn’t do anything to your computer if you allow it and the pages will work fine even if you block it.

I used Zpaint to make some graphic buttons and bullet marks for the presentations.


This website has moved back to its old server at nicechocolate.plus.com, so it would be no surprise to find a link that doesn’t work, please send me a message at mrchemist(at)live(dot)co(dot)uk

Most problems will be on the download pages, which I am working on.